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Visa // Future of payment  // Envisioning

In order to develop a robust technological foresight method, we clustered 59 technologies in  "affinity groups" called Future Scenarios.  Each one of these scenarios provides a future-focused method, that allows a systematic use of insights and helps to explore the impact of uncertainties.


Here we will delve into one of the scenarios mapped, to better understand their particularities, nuances and challenges. This choice was made in line with the demands proposed by consumers in a workshop of prototyping and validation of future scenarios.


It is not about predicting
the future. It is all about preparing an organization for a number of plausible futures, thus helping to generate strategies.


We map a total of
59 technologies and 191 connected organizations that plays a fundamental role in payment solutions and financial services sector.


The future of
payment methods


This project is an integral part of Envisioning's

by Envisioning in collaboration with Almap BBDO for VISA

Future of payment methods

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